Monday, 22 February 2010

Tennis Refining Pass

Have worked really hard on the tennis shot, putting in a lot of hours over the weekend. I'm starting to see it come together but there are still alot of areas that need more work. I think the beginning is starting to work, but the running backwards and the fall still have plenty of room for improvement. I'm glad I was able to really put the hours in, but it's a little frustrating to spend so much time working on it, and only see it improve infinitesimally!

Agreed with feedback last week about it all being too fast, so I cut the racquet spin. Was really sorry to have to let that go as it was one of my favourite parts, and I felt it really added to the character. However, I think the shot as a whole is working better now it's got some more time, and that's what counts.

By the way, I've removed the ball at the end as I needed to re-position it, but didn't have time. It will be re-instated for the final!

Thanks a lot for stopping by, let me know what you think!

Tennis - refining from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.