Sunday, 2 August 2009

AM Week 5

Oooof this week has been hard work!
Assignment - animate a ball going round an obstacle course and do a "devastated" pose. The animation principle we're concentrating on this week is "Squash and Stretch".
Got some poses up for review early in the week, but really struggled with the animation side of things. It looked awful for so long that it wasn't worth putting up for my fellow students to critique, but I slogged away at it and got it up for comment yesterday. As always, had some very helpful feedback and then have worked hard on it for most of today (Sunday) and am reasonably happy with what I'm submitting.
Animating has made me realise both how long a second actually is - you can fit a surprising amount into it - but also how short 5 seconds is! That was the time limit this week, and it really was difficult to stick to.

I have re-done the ending in the bowl, over and over and over, trying to get the timing right, then take some frames back from it so I could make other bits longer. Animated that part frame by frame, again and again, but in the end I think it's come out ok. Not too sure about the very end, but it'll do.

This week has been a lot of work, and has meant I've missed out on fun - managed to escape for a couple of hours to go to a party but had to leave early, and then missed my friend's gig that I wanted to go to. Oh well, I guess sacrifices have to be made! And it'll probably only get worse. Am hoping that this isn't the start of increasingly difficult assignments ... but I suspect it may be. I'll let you know!

In the meantime, enjoy my animation (or what you can see of it - kind of hard to make out, and it seems to skip half of it the 1st time you press play, but will play it properly if you do it again):