Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tennis - next pass

Here's the next pass at my tennis shot. It's starting to come together (complete with new ending now), but still got a long way to go.
However, I thought I'd post it for those interested in seeing my progress - hoping the next pass should be a LOT better! (... I hope)

Still need to work on the hands in a lot of places, and the fall is supposed to be a lunge at the tennis ball that's out of reach, rather than a pathetic stab at the tennis ball that's practically at his feet.

Tennis blocking plus from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.


  1. Hey Sara!

    Much better....It can still be clearer though......I was thinking that the movement is very Human right now.

    Maybe look at this fall as an opportunity to get really Animated!! Like a big WHIFF swing that scoops him out and then bIFFS him onto the ground for you final poses?

    just a thought....but either way...Your almost there.


  2. I think it looks good. It's a bit fast though. Maybe slow down the timing a bit?

  3. Thanks a lot for the feedback - great to hear how it's looking to other people.
    I plan on working on the fall and really getting him to stretch out.

    I agree about the timing, but 200 frames is my limit. I'm trying to play around with the timing and slow it down in certain places to get it to read better, but overall I can't slow it down too much more.

    Thanks very much for dropping by!