Friday, 5 March 2010

Weightlifting splined

Here's the next pass at my weightlifting shot - trimmed the beginning to allow more time for everything else.

I realize I've had to that on all 3 shots this term. I've put in what I think are nice little bits of character, and then had to radically chop them down to allow enough time for the main action.
Maybe soon my planning will improve so I won't waste time on things that are going to get cut!

Let me know how you think it's looking. The video itself should be looking a lot better as I finally got round to altering the playbast resolution to match Vimeo.

Weightlifting blocking plus from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.


  1. Love the animation, really great work. I had to see more and so watched the tennis animations as well. The difference between the two versions of the tennis one shows great imporvement. I would love to ask your thoughts on the instruction from animation mentor.

  2. Hey Sara!

    looking good....My comment would be...

    I think all your pose are working....except for the {sigh} I think before the lift.

    Im not quite sure wha that is happening.

    Also....I think the main place you need work is the timing of the actions.

    it feels very even throughout...

    let him sit in places before pushing or pulling the weight. Like before he lifts let him antic some more...and as he gets the weight on top of him.....take time-{simulating effort} to get it to te next pose

    cant wait to see more!!


  3. @ Anonymous - thank you! If you go back to December 2009, you can see my full AM progress reel from classes 1 and 2. In class 3, I definitely feel like I'm really improving a lot, and am now a lot more confident in working through a shot. For which I give Animation Mentor full credit! I hardly had any animation experience before starting at AM, but now feel confident tackling a variety of physical movements. I think the teaching and support they provide is fantastic - not just the mentors and staff, but the community of students as well. Let me know if you have any more specific questions - I'd be happy to answer them!

    @ Justin - thanks for the feedback! Will update soon with the latest version where I've taken some more time from the beginning to try and get the weight lifting timing better. Hope it's an improvement - watch this space!